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This is BLU Kalifornia, one of the singles of the project KARDADA, a duo formed by Iris and her good longterm artist friend KANDRAX, lyricist and producer. Their songs are mainly in Italian.

This video gained more than 15'000 viewers in a few weeks!

Between 2022 and 2023, Kardada released a whole album of songs, Anima(lità), then the remix album called ALPHAMIX, and a whole serie of the revamped folk song "Hey Ho (nobody home)" in Italian, French, German, and English.

You can listen to all of these songs on your favorite platform, and follow the project on Insta, FB and Youtube.

Iris had the honor to be the main songwriter of the mini-album MAESTOSA (2023), the first EP of the young and talented Swiss-Italian singer Rossella Saporito.

This song won the first edition of the competition "Festival di Primavera" in Lugano, Switzerland.

It was a great team work together with the coach Valentina Buttafarro and HRS Recording Studio.

You can listen to the whole EP on all of the platforms and Youtube.

The songs are in Italian.

Kandrax started his solo career with this song in Italian. He wrote the lyrics and produced the song, Iris wrote the music.

No, he didn't sing the song, and the singer wanted to stay anonymous. Kandrax respected his wishes.

More to come! Just follow kandrax on Insta / FB / Youtube.

“Shine Your Light” was inspired by a childhood memory of exclusion from “the group” - and a deep, deep wanting to belong.


Co-written by Gia Levé & Iris Moné, “Shine Your Light” represents a voice that was most needed in that situation and moment.

Produced by 4-time Grammy awarded producer Bruce Lowe.

Viola won the Swiss TV Show "La mia banda suona il folk" and needed an original tune to purchase her price: the recording of a song.

Iris provided her Not Alone and pre-produced it. It's a song that talks about suicide and wants to prevent it.

The lyrics were supervised by the coach and artist Lilly Martin.

The production was finalized by the producer Jonas Macullo.

This song is in English and came out in 2021.

Iris created the topline on this electronic track, melody and lyrics. It was a remote collaboration between Southern California, Switzerland, and Hungary.

The lyrics were supervised by Katie Buckland (UK, New York City).

The tune (with a few remixes too) was released in 2022 with the British-Greek record company Alveda.

The song Colorblind was written in LA by Iris, Australian producer Andrew Furze and the Motown songwriter Alan Roy Scott, for the Swiss-Senegalese artist Omar Gueye.

Recorded and produced by Andrew in his LA studio.

A song against racism.

This emotional song was co-written by Iris and Krista Richards, who cut it and released it for Mother's Day back in 2017.

A song for every mom in the world!

It was recorded in Iris home studio, mixed and mastered by Chris Harden at I.V. Lab Studios Chicago, IL.

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